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In 2017 we launched the iLab (Innovation Lab), the technology arm of Samba Rock. Samba Rock iLab is on of the first official partners and certified resellers of VTEX e-commerce cloud services in the US.

We recently became official partners of the BigCommerce platform, one of the largest and most reliable cloud-based e-commerce platforms in the world.

Samba Rock understands the American market and has now the capability of creating an entirely connected marketing-to-sale digital solution, with focus on ROI and mobile ready. Also, our main differentiator is that we can bridge the cultural gap between clients foreign and their American customers, as well as American brands growing global.

Samba Rock iLab launched its first E-Commerce website using VTEX in December 2017 (for Grendene’s Zaxy: www.zaxyusa.com) and the second in February 2018 (for Grendene’s Cartago: www.cartagosandals.com). We recently launched a global e-commerce project using VTEX for AutoSpin Auto Parts (www.autospin.com.mx), that started in Mexico and will expand to dozens of other countries. Those have added up to our portfolio of web development that includes websites like Bauducco.com, TropicalFantasy.com, ConchitaFoods.comEntechNetworks.com, among others.

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